Corso Sieog

SIEOG course -Ultrasound screening in the II trimester of pregnancy

4 January 2019

Corso SieogThe next 2 February 2019, in Potenza, at the A.O.R.N. San Carlo, will be held the course entitled “Ultrasound screening  in the II trimester of pregnancy” promoted by SIEOG (Italian Society of Obstetric & Gynecological Ultrasound).

The course is aimed at specialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nurses and Obstetricians and has the objective of training ultrasounders in the morphological echographic study of the fetus, analyzing individually the specific morphological characteristics of the fetal organs and apparatuses.

The screening ultrasound of the second trimester of pregnancy commonly called morphological or structural ultrasound has as its main objective the exclusion of structural abnormalities of the fetus. It therefore represents a complex examination with great professional responsibilities and potential medical and legal implications.

Click here to download the complete program of the course.