Robotics – Level 1
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Robotics – Level 1

Standard program subject to variations in accordance with each specific event

  • Registration of the participants and introduction to the course
  • Principles of robotic surgery
  • Analysis of existing robotic systems
  • Simulation systems in the learning of robotic surgery
  • Ergonomics in robotic surgery
  • Applications of robotic surgery
  • The energy in robotic surgery
  • Operating table placement and patient positioning
  • Docking System – hands on
  • Instrumentation
  • Simulation exercises – hands on
  • Orientation in the abdomen
  • Handling of tools
  • Pointing
  • Use of energy – Scoring
  • Principles of suture in robotic surgery – hands on
  • Introduction of the needle in the abdomen
  • Orientation
  • Intra-abdominal suture technique
  • Needle Extraction
  • Simulation of sutures
  • Robotic surgery applications
  • Evaluation Test
  • Closure of the sessions

Robotics – Level 1 target audience:

  • Postgraduates in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Postgraduates in General Surgery
  • Gynaecologists
  • Surgeons
  • Postgraduates in Urology
  • Urologists
  • OR Assistants


  • Number of participants: 9
  • Number of simulation workstations:
  • Number of teachers:  3 (Student/Teacher ratio 3:1)


  • robotic device equipped with simulation software for exercises of orientation and dissection practice
  • 3 pre-insufflated abdomens with skin-like pad for the practice of the access into abdomen and of the robotic device docking
  • femail pelvic environment accurately reproduced with 3Dprinted organs in human-like tissue, comprehensive of supportive structures and vascular tree

The Hands on session is organized as follows:

  • After learning and discussing the basics of robotic surgery and instrumentation, and surgical tecniques of some interventions, the attendants will simulate in turns a surgical robotic intervention, preparing and using the simulators as they would in the real operating theatre.

Course learning goals

After completing the course, the attendants will be able to:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the different tecniques and options for a “risk-free” abdominal access
  • Be acquainted with the dissection tecnique and the robotic suture simple knotting, continuous suturing)
  • Perform a detailed simulation of robotic surgical interventions, with abdominal dissection and suture through 3Dprinted anatomic models and surgical simulation software
  • Be prepared to manage in autonomy:
    • the docking of the robotic system
    • the proper handling of instruments in the abdomen
    • the use of energy in robotic surgery
    • intracorporeal sutures
    • surgical intervention of bilateral annessiectomy

Available Robotics – Level 1 Courses

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