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Laparoscopic surgery represents the gold standard in the treatment of most gynaecological pathologies. Laparoscopy advantages are represented by a more precise surgical technique than laparotomy, less pain for the patient and reduced hospitalization times.

Nowadays laparoscopic surgical technique is a must of the surgical preparation of a gynaecologist.

ISE laparoscopy courses, addressed to residents and specialists in gynaecology, consist of 4 levels: from the basic level – with an introduction to laparoscopic surgical technique and instruments – through intermediate levels – which cover in depth dissection techniques (total hysterectomy, myomectomy, oophorectomy, etc.) and laparoscopic suturing with the use of simulators with 3D-printed organs and female pelvis – to the cadaver lab, that is the last level in which to practice what learnt in the previous 3 courses.