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The preparation of a gynaecologist cannot  be devoid of a correct information about the management of obstetrics issues.

There are many issues to be addressed  in order to get a proper obstetric preparation, from the updating about the latest guidelines in the field of physiology and pathology of pregnancy and childbirth, until the theoretical and practical in-depth analysis of the most common obstetric issues.

ISE ‘s learning offer of obstetrics courses, aimed to residents and specialistis in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, includes two levels:

  • a first level, in which to learn the correct clinical and diagnostic management of physiological pregnancy, starting from Ist trimester, passing through invasive prenatal diagnosis, coming up to the management of the physiological childbirth labor;
  • a second level, which is focused on the identification and management of diseases in pregnancy and fetal growth abnormalities, and on the management of pathological cardiotocographic patterns, until the practical simulation of obstetric urgencies and emergencies (PPE, uterine inversion, atonies, shoulder dystocia, instrumental extraction, etc).

Learning in Obstetrics is ensured through the use of ultrasound and cardiotocographic simulation software as well as the use of mannequins for physiologic and pathologic childbirth simulation, with the possibility of maternal and neonatal care, performing simulated cesarean sections, vaginal-perineals lacerations – etc.

 ISE Courses in Obstetrics:

Obstetrics – Level 1

Obstetrics – Level 2