The school

ISE – Italian School of Endoscopy is a medical education project born from the ideas and experiences of young gynaecologists and surgeons with proven skills in the field of minimally invasive gynaecological surgery.

ISE – Italian School of Endoscopy aims to ensure the medical student, the trainee or the specialist in gynaecology a complete and correct training in gynaecological surgical field, from the diagnosis of a disease to the best surgical treatment to be adopted with in mind the wellness and the health protection of the patient.

ISE – Italian School of Endoscopy adopts an interactive and “socialized” learning approach, ready to meet the needs of gynaecological surgeons in training.

The subscription to the School besides being free, allows members to have access to many other laparoscopic surgery and robotic companies in Italy and Europe, with the possibility of participation in events and courses around the world.

The registration to the private area of the website allows to create a personal account and to start a real journey in the learning of minimally invasive gynaecological surgery along with many others colleagues.